Easy deployment and instant data collection which will speed up your work  

Get accurate and secure data collection and analysis with eForm in place of paper forms. If you’re looking for the most efficient way to get the data you need and organize it, you’ve come to the right place. .

easIly Create form in few minUtes

The entire data collection process can be completed in just minutes. Collaboration on data is easier than ever with an easy review, editing, and collaboration.

Apply conditonal logic

An advanced rule builder with different triggers, such as hiding fields, performing math, and formatting text. Prevent error data in real time from users. 

publish anywhere you want

Use eForm to share online forms on your social media platforms or through QR codes offline. Integrate forms into your website or invite visitors via email.

Ensures compliance and security

Prevent spammers and bots from accessing your online forms, and eForms makes it possible to create private forms that only specific people may use.

get real time notification

Every new submission is received, send out a customized personalized email to the responded. When someone submits, notify yourself and your colleagues via email.

store and analysis your data

Analyze received data with EForm’s intelligent Analytics and visualize with our Reports. Using your favorite spreadsheet software, you can instantly analyze your results.

Why choose eForm ?

Would you like to learn how our form maker can help you land more leads?.


Affordable & low-end rate is the key

Create innumerable users, forms, fields, conditional rules, and reports, as well as unlimited file submissions, email notifications, and fields. Easy to set up your hosting with just a few clicks and forego huge monthly fees. Just an affordable price.

Affordable & low-end rate
Easy embedded form


Easy embedded form

Forms can now be embedded in plain HTML and point to auto-generated endpoints, allowing you to customize how they look.

Embedding JavaScript, iframes, and CSS override is not required, just Web form endpoints for designers and developers!


Using a lead-catching form will increase your conversions

Forms can be customized with different colours. Feel free to experiment with different questions. Make your content stand out by adding images and icons.

Converting leads into customers is crucial for any business. And the quickest way to do this is to use a lead-catching E form..

lead-catching form


Make sure your leads are intrigued by your custom-tailored questions

You want your leads to be intrigued by your custom-tailored questions. Making the questions too easy will not make them want to answer, and making them too difficult will make them give up.

Our form maker’s branching questions allow you to follow up in an engaging, less robotic manner.


Automate email and notification triggers based on the completion of forms

With E Form, you can create notifications and triggers for specific events on your website. For example, if someone completes a form on your website then you can automatically send them an email with a discount code. This way, there is no risk of the code expiring or being used by someone else..

Automate email and notification
Organize your prospects


Organize your prospects easier to nurture

If you are having a hard time organizing your prospects, we will guide you to help you get started.

We’ll share tips on how to organize your prospects more efficiently and create better customer journeys.

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